Our Ethos

Our food ethos is simple - it must be tasty and honest. Great food comes from great ingredients so we will always champion local producers and eating food in season.

We cook from scratch using fresh, authentic and natural ingredients, complimented with cooking techniques that preserve nutrition and produce healthy but tasty dishes.

Our Service

We provide catering and hospitality services in organisations from a broad range of sectors including finance, media, law, manufacturing, multi-tenanted buildings, and corporate environments.

Our contracts come in different shapes and sizes from large multi site operations catering for up to 2,500 people to small but equally important bespoke fine dining contracts in the City.

All our clients share our vision for quality catering with fresh ingredients delivered through a service that has been tailor-made for them.

A great restaurant offer

We think there's no substitute for quality and service and we know that good food makes a difference. That's why we buy the best quality ingredients and have them prepared, cooked and served by our very best people.

A fabulous Graysons café

Fabulous coffee is one of our biggest selling lines so we work hard to make sure we get the flavour right for each group of customers.

A quick grab & go

Our stylish grab & go range matches the best on the high street and our retail items are selected to reflect what our customers really want.




Our Approach

Our vision is to enthuse, educate and share our passion for good quality seasonal food with our customers. Our provenance promotes natural sustainable and enjoyable food that not only endorses local British suppliers, fair prices, Fairtrade, and ethical sourcing, but also supports creative food and drink that is imaginative, flavoursome and on trend.

Seasonal menus

Locally and nationally sourced ingredients

Sustainable and traceable products

Disposable Food Packaging

We only use disposables which are bio-degradable or recyclable and 100% compostable- free corn based resin and recycled card.

Our Opportunities

We are always looking for enthusiastic, talented people to join our team.

We know it is our people that make the company what it is, so we will make sure you are looked after, supported and well trained.

If you would like to join our team, please get in touch and send us your CV.

Apply now

About Our Team

We have a dynamic and fresh team driven by quality and always ready for the next challenge. We want to make a difference to each of the restaurants we run so we take our time to understand exactly what the customers want and we have the skills to deliver that promise - day in, day out.

Chef and Team Development

We organise regular team away days at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage to give our chefs and managers an insight into the River Cottage ethos, methods used in raising livestock and the organic fruit and vegetable production.

Twilight Sessions

These sessions have been a great success throughout the Graysons estate. We host at various sites a late afternoon training event for chefs and managers from the local area where they can work together to develop their skills and ideas.

Contact Graysons

Please email Simona Oproiu, our Head of Business Development, to discuss how we may support your business.

Devon House, Anchor Street,

Real Honest Feedback

We want to provide you with the best food and service at work.
We hope that we are succeeding but it is only by listening to our customers that we know how to improve our service. We would love to hear from you, good or bad.